Top Five Challenges Data Center Managers Face

RJ Tee
January 05, 2016

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Preparedness is a data center manager’s best friend. Between determining how best to deliver power to a variety of rack types, to energy efficiency reporting, to overseeing capacity planning management, data center management is a job that requires intense focus, methodical planning and the most reliable tools available.

In this whitepaper, we broke down the 10 things every data center operations manager needs to know about power. This paper contains practical, real-world data center best practices and tips you can employ to help increase energy efficiency and gain a deeper understanding of power management and control.

From these tips, here are five of the most common challenges faced by data center managers:

  1. Power Density: As power density requirements continue to rise, do you know how to make the most with what you already have? Learn why 3-phase power is a better solution than single-phase.  
  2. Voltage: What’s the best way to select a power distribution system? When making this decision, voltage matters. Learn more about the push for higher voltages to the end IT equipment within the rack and the reasoning behind it.
  3. Power and environmental monitoring in IT equipment racks: Individual racks are constantly seeing an increase in the number of devices within them. Get specific tips on how to maintain uptime and ensure minimal service interruptions while contending with higher operating temperatures.
  4. Power use: Ultimately, proper power usage monitoring is crucial because it helps you improve electricity use, reduce wasted energy and it leads to significant cost savings. Are you doing everything you can to maximize this area of your data center operations?
  5. Measuring energy efficiency: PUE and DCiE can only get you so far. What about workload performance? Get best practices for monitoring device-level energy usage while keeping a close eye on the rate of consumption.
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