Three Reasons Why Every SMB Should Monitor their Rack Mount PDUs

RJ Tee
September 21, 2015

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There is a major misconception today that large enterprises alone account for the majority of data center electricity consumption in the United States. Surprisingly, small- to medium-sized business (SMB) operations are using more power.

According to research from NRDC, small-business server rooms and closets account for almost half of all server electricity consumption in the nation. The remaining consumption is split between enterprise and corporate facilities (27 percent), multitenant data centers (19 percent), hyper-scale cloud computing (4 percent), and high-performance computing (1 percent).

With these figures in mind, here are three reasons why every SMB should be using data center power monitoring software:

  1. Tight budgets: Without the big budget of a large enterprise, an SMB can’t afford to lose dollars due to inefficiencies. Yet the vast majority of small-business server rooms lose money to underutilized servers and “comatose” machines that use a great deal of electricity but produce little output. In short, these servers are major power drains.
  2. Less margin for error: One of the downsides of not using data center power monitoring is that ensuring your servers are in working order is much harder. A data center power monitoring solution, on the other hand, makes it possible to notice utilization trends that could lead to costly downtime.
  3. Shared responsibility: Ultimately, every business that connects to the power grid and uses a great deal of electricity must share the responsibility of tracking and reducing its consumption. This is especially true for businesses located in areas being affected by the rampant, ongoing drought.
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