Three Data Center Power Resolutions to Follow Through With In 2016

Josh Schaap
December 30, 2015

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Let’s be real: Is there anyone out there who actually follows through with their New Year’s resolutions?

There’s no shame in admitting you’re one of those resolution quitters, who will be reaching for a bag of Reese’s come February 1. All too often, we strive to reach our goals by the end of January only to fall back into our old ways by the start of February.

This practice is forgivable in our personal lives, but when you’re a network administrator who has enterprise connectivity and environmental sustainability to consider, reaching your New Year’s goals is critical to your data center’s efficiency.

This year, don’t strain yourself trying to build Rome in one day, rather, work steadily all year long to achieve these highly attainable goals:

  1. Improve uptime: It’s no secret that downtime is a network administrator’s biggest fear. But, unfortunately, without power efficient technology it’s a damaging reality that many face. In order to steer clear of a nightmare come true resolve to implement cabinet infrastructure that affords more redundancy, outlets, customization and resiliency built in.
  2. Improve cost efficiency: There are numerous ways to be more cost efficient in the new year, starting with upgrading your legacy power monitoring technology for an advanced All-in-1 PDU. This robust technology enables network administrators to monitor and measure power usage. What’s more, it affords capacity planning and density solutions so that you can be kept abreast of all aspects of your data center efficiency at all times. This allows you to save on energy costs by being able to monitor and adjust power intake as well as avoid costs associated with downtime.
  3. Reduce carbon footprint: With advanced power monitoring solutions network administrators can stay up-to-date with the energy intake of their data centers. In doing so, they can understand power usage effectiveness and make accommodations as needed in order to remain sustainable and efficient. After all, poor power management can cause negative impacts on the environment.

So, we won’t judge you if you health kick fizzles out in a matter of weeks, but when it comes to running a sustainable, cost efficient data center, your goals must be met. So stick to them!

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