The One, The Only: HDOT With POPS

Josh Schaap
December 22, 2016

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What do you get when you take the flexibility of Server Technology’s High Density Outlet Technology andcombine it with Per Outlet Power Sensing? A pretty amazing product, says Vimal Bhakta, Senior Engineering Manager for Server Technology.

“It’s great,” he says with a smile.

If you haven’t already, take a second to watch Vimal share the good news about HDOT POPS PDUs in our new video:

In the video, Vimal runs down the key benefits of adding POPS technology to our award-winning HDOT alt-phase rack PDUs. He discusses how data centers can use this winning combo to find solutions for density, capacity planning and remote management.

HDOT’s alternating phase power is designed for three rack power configurations, and with each configuration, there are four product types to choose from, depending on the level of control you need:

Thanks to its modular design, each HDOT product type gives customers the flexibility to configure the location and quantity of C13 and C19 outlets on the PDU. As a result, there are literally thousands on thousands of configurations possible. To get a sense of how customizable our PDUs really are, check out our Build Your Own PDU tool which walks you through four easy steps to building the perfect power solution for your data center. It’s so remarkably easy that you can even build a PDU right from your tablet or phone.

So, why HDOT? The short answer is that it provides 20 percent more outlet real estate than conventional outlet-based PDUs. We’re able to achieve this by removing unneeded material around the outlet and group them as close together as physically possible.

HDOT PDUs also feature high native power cord retention and alternating phase power for cable management and load balancing. Ultimately, this helps customers operate at the highest efficiency possible.

Available in Smart and Switched POPS, these PDUs provide +/- 1 percent energy consumption accuracy at each outlet for typical data center equipment loads. As a bonus, it’ll also help you identify abnormal rack equipment power behavior such as zombie servers on the data center floor.  

In the end, HDOT is the most reliable and adaptable customer power solution for data center rack equipment, Vimal says.

“HDOT is a true game-changer out in the PDU market,” he says. “Customers love it … I love it … Only with Server Technology will you Stay Powered, Be Supported and Get Ahead.”

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