Server Technology Solution Partner Providers: Part 1

Annie Paquette
March 28, 2014

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I always find it interesting that the power chain is measured and monitored in multiple locations throughout most data centers but is often forgotten once the power enters the data center cabinet. Especially considering that roughly half of the power used (or more) can be traced directly to the cabinet (See Figure 1) and power is typically one of the greatest single costs associated with operating a data center. Often monitoring at the cabinet is the invisible line between the IT and Facilities groups. Even though monitoring at the in-feed of the power distribution unit (PDU) is really the same as monitoring at the Remote Power Panel (RPP) as the branch circuits coming out of the RRP are the in-feeds to the power distribution unit.

Calvin graph

Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide power, environmental monitoring and control at several different levels that reach well beyond the cabinet itself. Not only can you better understand your power infrastructure there are multiple opportunities to increase efficiency and ensure uptime as well. It is the ability for us to provide this critical information to our customers and partners that has driven our solution partner strategy.

Server Technology has a number of key solution provider partners within the data center space. These are other organizations that offer complementary products where we have integrated and tested our solutions together. These integrated solutions are running in mission-critical installations around the world. Partner products and solutions include but are not limited to:

          1) DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Managers) Solution
          2) BMS (Building Management Systems)
          3) KVM Solutions
          4) Console Solutions
          5) Wire-Free Power Monitoring Tags
          6) Smart Cabinet Providers

If you are interested in integrating with our HW or SW CDU solutions, then please visit our solutions page.

In part 2 of this Solution Partner blog, I will talk more about our power solution products and ways we integrate with other vendors within the data center space.

Server Technology Solution Partner Providers: Part 2