Selecting the Right Hyperscale PDU

RJ Tee
September 21, 2017

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Yes, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google – we’re talking to you and your kind.

While most would consider it a good day to dominate the world of commerce, you and your hyperscale computing compatriots have completely changed the landscape of information technology and data centers as we used to know them. Your executive leadership is brilliant, your stocks are soaring, and you’ve got the world at your feet.

Well, ever think about what life would be like without the right rack PDU? OK, you have to admit, we’ve got you there.

Hyperscale data centers rely on absurd amounts of energy — think Google’s 5.7 terawatt-hour consumption in 2015 — used in the most efficient manner. But every watt that goes to cooling can’t be used for computing, so it also relies on innovative distribution to support those two competing goals. Add to the mix the constant need for crisp data center environmental monitoring, and you can see why our offerings fit the needs of the industry that redefined the notion of rack power density.

So, what can we offer these users?

Basic PDUs: think power in, power out. Available in higher voltages and without the bells and whistles, a basic PDU offers simplicity and reliability in operations where the supporting architecture supports failed compute nodes.

PRO2 Smart and Smart POPS PDUs: integrate inline power monitoring and remote monitoring capabilities through SNMP. These intelligent PDUs are perfect for those racks where the loads are neither static nor equally distributed, or where monitoring is difficult due to a variety of server protocols.

HDOT PDUs: think of these as the fix for too many devices, too many power cords, and too many BTUs. The high-density outlet technology in our HDOT PDUs allows hyperscalers to bend the laws of physics and support loads up to 100 kW per cabinet and not warp from the heat load.

For more information about hyperscale computing, check out our new Hyperscale White Paper, or for more information about different PDU types and applications, you can visit the Solutions page on the Server Technology web site.