Location Is Only Half the Battle When Building a New Data Center

RJ Tee
June 05, 2017

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Just recently, Network World ran an interesting article explaining how Ireland is the best place to set up a data center in Europe.

The author pointed out how strong connectivity, affordable taxes and active government support make Ireland a premium destination for businesses seeking colocation and interconnection services.  

On a side note, you can learn more about how your colocation service can benefit from Server Technology's solutions here.

This got me thinking…

Sure, it’s important to consider all of these factors when building a new data center, or moving your facility to a new area.

But they are all irrelevant if you don’t take care of your own backend maintenance.

Who cares, in other words, if you open a facility in rural Ireland or in the middle of the desert if you’re wasting boatloads of money every day due to wasteful data center practices? You may save some money on something like tax benefits, but you could easily lose it due to waste.

Businesses can benefit from pro-data center markets like Ireland only when all backend systems and processes are fully tracked and optimized. You can’t expect to capitalize on favorable market conditions until you streamline your own network services.  

Server Technology offers essential data center power management technologies that can help with this process. Using Server Technology’s intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and our partner Sunbird's Power IQ platform, it’s possible to easily identify and eliminate power drain and start putting your energy to better use.

So, You Say Your Data Center Is Green? Prove It!