Is There a Power Struggle Occurring in Your Data Center?

RJ Tee
March 18, 2015

is-there-a-power-struggle-occurring-in-your-data-center -

As occurs in many data centers across the U.S., there is a big disconnect between your business’s IT department and upper management. Despite the multitude of functions that your data center provides for your organization, just as with any other department, it is ultimately driven by its bottom line. Executives need to see that your data center is making money.

What’s on the line here? If your data center is consistently operating in the red zone, meaning you are losing more money that you are bringing in for the company, your department could face a possible migration to an off-site cloud hosting provider. This could mean lost jobs and/or a restructured department.

You know that, fundamentally, it’s best for the business to keep your data center operations in-house. It’s more secure, and you maintain control over how you want to manage your data. So if you want to prevent cloud migration, you need to make sure that your data center is not unnecessarily hemorrhaging money.

One of the most common areas where data centers lose money and run into trouble is from wasted power. When equipment does not run efficiently, or if a data center reaches network capacity from adding new equipment, the fallout is, ultimately, financial.

It’s time to drive greater power efficiency in your data center by eliminating areas that are wasteful. A power distribution and monitoring solution can help you track all of your electricity usage, so you can optimize your equipment and discover better ways to maximize energy consumption. It can also provide critical feedback about your data center’s power supply so you can better communicate with upper managers and show them exactly how your facility is using its allocated budget.

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