Five Major Threats Facing Your Data Center

RJ Tee
April 01, 2015

five-major-threats-facing-your-data-center -

Your company will undoubtedly still be around 10 years from now, but will your data center? Unless your data center is operating consistently in the “green zone,” and is running at a high level of performance, it could be on upper management’s radar to be outsourced.

Here are five major threats that could be negatively impacting your data center:

Heavy OPEX: Capital expenditures only account for about two-thirds of the purchasing process when buying new network equipment; the other third can be attributed to operational expenditures, which can sneak up on you and add substantially to costs. You need to keep a close watch on all of your network equipment to make sure that there aren’t any devices quietly sucking up large amounts of network resources.

Environmental concerns: While the rest of your organization is doing its part to clean up your carbon footprint, your data center continues to add pollutants to the environment by using large amounts of water and electricity. If you want to stay on good terms with your upper managers, show them that you are actively supporting the company’s green initiatives by looking for advanced methods of controlling your data center’s resource consumption.

Downtime: If your data center recently suffered from prolonged downtime, consider this your warning: Your facility is already treading on thin ice within your enterprise, as the other departments rely on your center for stability. When downtime occurs, the entire organization is affected.

A lack of visibility: Many data center problems are unavoidable. Your leaders understand this and are typically willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and provide you with a healthy budget and a great team of IT professionals. So don’t keep them in the dark when problems arise; give them the ability to see how your data center is performing in real time, so they’ll understand changes that you implement. The more visibility you provide for members of your organization about your data center’s central processes, the better off you will be.

Enticing co-location centers: As we mentioned in a recent blog post, co-location centers are proving to experience less downtime than traditional data centers. Keep this in mind and remember that your data center is just a phone call away from being sent offsite to a managed services provider.

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