Don't be Homer, take a proactive approach to data center management

RJ Tee
June 24, 2015

dont-be-homer-take-a-proactive-approach-to-data-center-management -
Recently, you’ve been longing for those halcyon days of the early 1990’s, when data centers were first emerging, and personal computers were the only devices you had to worry about connecting to your servers. Closing your eyes, you can still hear Pearl Jam wafting out of your battery-powered transistor radio...
Enough, already.
The truth is that what seems like a simpler time was anything but; it’s easy to forget, in other words, from a power management perspective, just how difficult these early days of computer networking actually were. Issues like overloading circuits and overheating servers regularly led to inefficiencies, long periods of downtime, fires and high operating costs. For these reasons, being a data center manager at this time meant having to practically live at work as maintaining uptime was an around the clock responsibility.
We’re not sugar-coating the issues that modern data center managers face today; complications related to cybersecurity, virtualization and IoT development are every bit as taxing as the aforementioned issues. But thanks to the help of real-time data center power monitoring software, the job has gotten a lot easier.
That’s because with this type of rapid-response technology, it’s possible to take a proactive—versus a reactive—approach to network maintenance. If a server is sucking up too much energy, for instance, you can be alerted about the problem and address the underlying cause before it leads to downtime. And in the event a server unexpectedly goes dark, you can find out as soon as it happens so that you can get your system back up and running before your customers are affected.
Server Technology is one company that provides data center managers with the software they need to take their networks to bold, exciting new places. And it’s the ideal solution that you need to expand your facility safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.
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