Don’t Be a Greenwasher; Prove That Your Data Center Has Reduced Its Power Usage

RJ Tee
August 13, 2015

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Your company works hard to maintain its esteemed reputation. Customers know that they can trust your company to deliver on its promises and maintain its integrity.

Your company, in other words, has a lot to lose. Going green is a serious endeavor, one that takes a big commitment. Don’t promise to make this change in your organization without a proper plan, or you’ll risk losing credibility with your customers and business partners.  

Here’s why: In business, there is an ugly term floating around called “greenwashing.” Basically, it’s a label given to companies that claim to be embracing sustainability initiatives but can’t back up their claims. Usually, greenwashing is done to try and earn the trust of consumers to boost sales. It’s a nefarious practice, and it’s hard to reverse public opinion once the term is applied to your business. After all, it’s basically a fancy name for lying.

Unfortunately, many companies are labeled as greenwashers despite having actually taken active measures to try and be more sustainable. This is because they lack the ability to benchmark and prove their progress.

So, if you’re looking to reduce power in your data center, and rightfully market your company as a green organization committed to helping the environment, it’s important that you invest in a data center power-monitoring solution that will provide real-time and historical information about your business’s daily power usage.

One solution that can help your business actively track and prove its daily data center power consumption is Server Technology’s Sentry Power System. Equipped with intelligent power distribution units and real-time tracking software, you will gain all of the pertinent data you need to transform your data center into a lean, green machine.

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