Dilbert’s Top 5 Lessons for the Data Center: Number Five

RJ Tee
June 03, 2015

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Number 5: People in the Data Center Cause Problems and always have! - If not why would we keep hearing?

  • I hardly ever go in the data center anymore. Probably because you are not allowed!
  • Do you provide PDUs with high retention outlets or locking power cords? We have had some issues in the past with device becoming unplugged.
  • We are in a freeze right now and no changes can be made in the data center until it is over.
  • I always turn off all of the open outlets on my switched PDU’s to avoid people adding or moving gear without my permission.
  • We keep all our cabinets locked to avoid any of those problems.
  • I have to remotely monitor and manage power and environmental information as I cannot seem to ever get in the data center.
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