Complexity Is Great In Video Games, Not In Data Centers

RJ Tee
October 19, 2016

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You’ve spent countless hours crawling around dungeons in The Legend of Zelda. It’s taken a commendable amount of dedication, but you’ve beaten them all, from the Deku Tree to the Black Tower. And you still love the game as much now as you did when you were seven.

What is it about the Legend of Zelda that keeps you coming back time and again? This has been the topic of much debate recently. Ultimately, it comes down to complexity. The choices you make and the items you select during the game go a long way in determining how frustrated you get, and how sore your hands are after you’re done playing.

When you think about it, it’s amazing how complex and difficult some of the early Zelda games were. It’s for this reason why a game like Zelda II: Adventure of Link —despite its abysmal title— is still playable in 2016, 28 years after its initial release on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Yes, complexity drives all great games. We celebrate the complexity and seek it in entertainment.  But there’s one place where it doesn’t belong, and that is in your data center.

It’s easy to feel a bit like Link sometimes, walking around your labyrinth of servers and fighting enemies like unexplainable power loss, network outages, and cranky, electricity bill-wielding bosses. Unfortunately, in the real world, when you encounter these problems you can’t shut off a console, Hulk smashes a controller, or hop online and read a walkthrough. You have to come up with answers — and fast.

The trick is to put your money to good use and invest in power management technologies that will keep your data center running efficiently, keep the C-suite off your back and keep your data center under budget.

Queue Overworld Theme:

Server Technology is a data center power management merchant that can help with your quest!

Here are a few items that Server Technology has to offer:

Versatile rack mountable PDUs: Server Technology offers a wide range of high density power distribution units (PDUs) that can provide varying levels of insight and control about rack power usage. Server Technology offers basic, metered, smart, and switched PDUs. And smart and switched units can be equipped with Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS) for real-time metrics on crest factor, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, and power factor.

Environmental monitoring: When servers overheat, they can become damaged or start fires. You can avoid this with Server Technology’s environmental monitoring solutions.

Cord retention solutions: Cables can often become unplugged while moving or maintaining equipment. Server Technology offers cord retention solutions, which can lock cables into place and prevent unplanned outages.

The Sentry Power Manager: This product can streamline capacity planning, reporting, monitoring, and configuration. You can use this tool to oversee all of your PDUs.

ST Eye: Monitor your power usage and environmental conditions while on-the-go from an Android or Mobile device with Server Technology’s Bluetooth app, ST Eye (available on the App Store, or in Google Play).

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