Best Practices for High Density Data Centers Start with Server Technology

RJ Tee
April 11, 2018

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We thought we would take a moment to talk about high density data centers, case studies, and best practices.  Whether you are building a new data center, upgrading an existing one or just keeping abreast of the PDU power industry trends, it’s good policy to start with what works.  What are the biggest and best companies doing to optimize their high-density computing needs and manage their power and usage data?  

Look no further than the experts at Server Technology for answers. With an extensive list of customers well-served by our support and product expertise, not to mention client case studies for reference and validation, Server Technology has lots to offer a customer looking to get comfortable with the notion of powering a high-density, hyperscale computing environment.

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One best practices theme you will notice right away is managing consolidation.  How is this achieved in order to gain the sought-after cost and space savings?  Well, we’ll tell you that standardization is key here.  When you implement a power distribution standard across your racks, you ensure that consumption data can be collected consistently.  Remote power management can go from possibility to reality as well.  As you can imagine, choosing the right PDU for your project can make all the difference.  With our Build Your Own PDU configuration tool, you can custom configure a power distribution unit in four easy steps, and 90% of the time, it will ship within ten days.

For high-density compute needs, high-density PDUs may be in order.  Server Technology’s HDOT solutions give you more outlets. the most in a 42U intelligent rack PDU, to support all of those extra power cords, are available in Smart, Switched, and POPS variants, and can be configured with alternating phase outlets.  

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Finally, quality is also built into every one of Server Technology’s custom solutions, and a best practice that we live by.  Many companies consider safety and uptime to be top priorities, and our rack PDUs support this mission by providing the assurance that our devices are manufactured to the strictest quality standards in the industry.  

Check out some of our resources on the Server Technology website to find out why our PDUs are the best choice for best practices.  Or better yet, check out our Managing the Unpredictable white paper to see what lessons can be learned from data centers with higher densities. 

What does a Rack PDU do again?