Back to School and The Dog Days of Summer

RJ Tee
August 04, 2017

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Wow, where did the summer go?

At the beginning of the sunny season we talked about some things for school system and university data center managers to review during the summertime break.  Seems like yesterday.

As students begin heading back to campuses around the globe, our “dog days” question for you is this: are you ready?

 Here’s the short list of trends we continue to see across all our university projects:

Supporting HPC.  In the world of academic computing, our customers quickly turn to a single phrase to sum up their needs: high-performance computing.  With the rise in university research, grant winners are working with tight deadlines and increasingly complex requirements.  Check out our industry brief to learn more about how our customers tackle this issue.

Tightening up efficiencies.  More and more users are looking for better efficiencies and going to higher voltages to support their IT loads, particularly in campus settings where thinking beyond the convention is the norm.  Look no further than our educational efficiency blog for a summary of what it means to manage unconventional voltages. 

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