Wire-Free Power Monitoring

A Solution for Data Center Energy Optimization

Server Technology and RF Code, a leading provider of active IT asset management and environmental monitoring solutions, have jointly developed a rack level wire-free power monitoring solution.

An easy, cost-effective way to get the data you need without expensive Ethernet costs.

Looking for a solution to manage your power and environmentals more cost effectively? The combination of Server Technology PDUs with RF Code's sensor tags can give you the data you need to make smart power-related decisions for your data center.

A more cost effective solution to manage power & environmentals

How does it work?

The jointly-developed wire-free power monitoring solution integrates Server Technology's Smart and Switched PDUs with patented Per Inlet Power Sensing (PIPS™), with or without Per Outlet Sensing (POPS™) functionality, with RF Code's active RFID hardware and management software.

This solution allows RF Code sensor tags to capture and then transmit power monitoring in-feed and device level data (with POPS™) from the Server Technology PDUs, to the RF Code wire-free active reader infrastructure. Readers then send the information to RF Code's Sensor Manager software, which manages the power monitoring information.

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