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Sentry Power Manager: Rack-level data center power monitoring and management

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Sentry Power Manager is the winner of the 2014 DCS Award for Data Center Management Product of the Year!

SPM provides one central location to manage and monitor all of the intelligent PDUs within your data center (including competitive PDUs). This cost effective software solution provides complete visibility to both power and environmental monitoring within the data center. Easy installation and setup ensures a quick return on investment. For more information on this solution : Download the SPM Technical Data Sheet.

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Manage your entire PDU network from anywhere. Virtualized. Plug & play.

SPM's management features include automated FW updates and PDU configuration using exclusive SNAP feature. SNAP saves our users huge amounts of time by automating upgrades and configuration information via re-useable templates. Monitoring includes reports, trends and predictive trending to really leverage the critical PIPS and POPS power information from our PDUs. These reports can be created, saved and then scheduled for example to be emailed to you each morning if desired.

Cabinet and location views help users manage their critical power infrastructure. While unique features like cabinet redundancy and circuits ensure uptime and efficiency during daily operation. Real time notification of alerts and alarms within a single pane of glass view ensure operators are always up to date on what is going on within the cabinet. Or you can send information via our open API to other BMS or DCIM systems. Find out why the world's top companies rely on SPM.

"Server Technology has allowed us to exceed our clients' expectation. Their SPM (Sentry Power Manager) and PDUs have allowed us to minimize overhead from a cost and management standpoint by providing better value and better quality product with more features and flexibility." --Chris Orlando, CSMO/Co-founder, ScaleMatrix
Read the full case study here.

SPM helps you manage today's biggest data center challenges:

  • Improving Uptime
  • Increased Your Efficiency
  • Plan Your Growth
  • Stay Informed
  • Maximize Your Investment

Our newest version:

Gain enhanced performance and control of your data centers with the all new Hub-and-Node architecture. Now an SPM can be deployed in each data center location allowing for local administrative control and still provide relevant data and configuration access to HQ.

Key Features

Custom NOC Views: Create home-login and alternate views on a per-user basis to provide convenient monitoring of relevant data points within the system.

CDU Configuration: Update names, such as those for outlets, and alert thresholds, such as those for high current, individually or in groups. Use Server Technology's unique SNAP feature to push security, access, and configuration settings, including those for updating the firmware, to the CDU.

Reports: Numerous data reports in a variety of formats inform data center personnel. These include billing, carbon-footprints, cabinet redundancy check, U-space check, energy used, and many more.

Trends: View, print, and email graphical trends of all metrics to review min/avg/max levels, predictive analysis, and alarms breaches. Overlay different time periods such as this month with last month, or overlay different metrics such as power and temperature for advanced analysis (to understand at the current growth rate when a power or environmental threshold will be exceeded at the current growth rate).

Sentry Power Manager (SPM) 5.4 - Quick Start Guide


Integration Interface Tool

Using an Application Programming Interface (API) based on industry standard zml based tools like SOAP and REST web service interfaces, allows SPM to communicate this information to your existing Monitoring and Managements Systems. Well documented API implementation allows SPM to act as "middle ware" streaming information to existing systems while still being available for Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (PDU) configuration, management and control. When managing a large number of CDU's within the data center a central interface like SPM saves a huge amount of time and effort versus going to each unit's individual IP address. Third Party Integrations.

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