Metered FSTS C-16HF1 2.8kW - 5.8kW (16) NEMA 5-20R outlets Rack PDU

Key Features

  • Branch circuit protection

    Branch Circuit Protection

    This rack PDU meets the UL and IEC 60950-1 requirement for branch circuit protection through use of UL489 rated magnetic-hydraulic circuit breakers or UL248 fuses.

  • High retention outlets

    High Retention Locking Outlets

    Receptacles have high retention and are compatible with P-Lock type power cords.

EOL End of Life

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More Info:

EOL End of Life

Family and Product Details

  • Family Description

    The Server Technology Metered Fail-Safe™ provides fail-over redundancy to single or dual-power supply servers and network devices. Exclusive to the Metered Fail-Safe is its ability to carry loads on the A circuit, B circuit or both.

    Similar, but unlike a common automatic transfer switch, the Metered Fail-Safe unit is unique in that it contains two (2) in-feeds and two (2) banks of outlets.

    For example he "A" in-feed routinely powers just the A1-8 outlets, and the "B" in-feed routinely powers just the B1-8 outlets. However, if the "A" in-feed goes down, the "B" in-feed powers all 16 outlets and the same if the "B" in-feed goes down, the "A" in-feed powers all the outlets.

    This "Fail-Safe" method has several advantages compared to a standard ATS because it does not prohibit load balancing between the two supplied circuits. A standard ATS contains two-in-feeds, but runs all outlets from just one source, with the secondary source only being used once an outage occurs on the capacity. This results in less heat, less resistance, and consequently less of a voltage drop compared to the same load existing on just one source. Only when an outage occurs on one of the two sources will the entire load be applied to a single source.

    NOTE - This transfer switch supports operation with out-of-sync AC waveforms.

  • Family Specifications
    • Branch Monitoring: None
    • Branch Overcurrent Protection: 100 kA
    • Branch Overcurrent Protection Type: Fuse Holder
    • Dual Input: Yes
    • High Retention Outlets: No
    • Input Current Display: Standard
    • Input Monitoring: Current (A)
    • Locking Outlets: No
    • Max Operating Temperature: 40 °C
    • Fast Movers: No
    • Mounting: 2U Horizontal
    • Outlet Monitoring: None
    • PDU Platform:
    • Power Pivot Input: No
    • Product Height (inch): 3.5
    • Product Height (mm): 89
    • Product Max Depth (inch): 10.0
    • Product Max Depth (mm): 254
    • Product Nominal Depth (inch): 10.0
    • Product Nominal Depth (mm): 254
    • Product Width (inch): 17.0
    • Product Width (mm): 432
    • Transfer Switch: Yes
    • Transfer Switch Phase Synch Required: No
  • Product Specifications
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