Image Test Page

Testing Image uploader.

Test One - Copy and Paste

Description: Log into the Server technology Admin Area of the live site. Edit the About Us Page. Right click on the banner, copy and paste into the Staging CMS Content block of the Image Test Page.

Example of test one below.


1. Only works if I copy and past text with it. For instance, this only worked when I grabbed "Only with Server Technology will you:"

2. Appears to work but will break when the staging site goes live.

3. The image below is referencing: src="/url/01S0tlSD"

Only with Server Technology will you:

Test Two - Copy Code into the Content Box

Example of Test Two below:


1. Image box appears but is "broken".

2. The image below is referencing: src="/url/01S0tlSD"

Test Three - Use Image Uploader via the Editor

Example of Test Three below:


1. Appears to be working but I am told it will not work when the site goes live.

Test Four - Use Image Uploader via Admin and Link

Example of Test Four below could not be completed because the Choose File doesn't hold any images:


1. I am able to upload the image through the image uploader but when I go to Insert Image, choose file, there is nothing to choose.