The Cx Outlet: A Customer’s Path to Flexibility

Isaiah LaJoie
March 18, 2020

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Server Technology is squarely in the rack mount power strip/PDU business, and a leader at that.  We enjoy the daily challenge of serving what has become one of the largest industries not only in the United States, but globally.  The test for our rack mount power distribution units is meeting the power challenges in every data center, and every rack, that they power. 

One of the core design tenets for data center engineers is flexibility.  Along with reliability, scalability, and efficiency, this fourth concept of flexibility is a key principle to successfully designing a data center.  Most designers agree that one of the greatest challenges is designing around the future of IT.  As can be deduced from our previous blog, the beauty of our industry is that the most intelligent analysts armed with all the survey data in the world can only hypothesize about what will be going on in most data centers five years from now.

Cheer up, you analysts – your record still makes you far better than the best batters in baseball.

Back to flexibility.  Given the fact that the future is fluid, and that buildings, generators, and chillers are not, there must naturally be some give and take in the design of these facilities.  That give and take comes in the form of scalability and flexibility – or the ability to install today and still make use of your investment in the future.  Or perhaps even more accurately, it is the ability of the mechanical and electrical equipment you buy today to shuck and jive with you as you grow into tomorrow.

And no, the phrase ‘shuck and jive’ does not appear in any equipment user manuals that we know of.

Here is the funny thing about rack mount power distribution.  In as much as your PDU is the first thing that your IT equipment power cord meets, we would argue that it is the most critical element in the power path.  Even if you are not willing to go that far, consider for a moment that power cords and rack mount power strips are often considered throwaway items when it is time for a server refresh.  The reasons for that are substantiated by history: new server, new power supply, new power cord, means an all new PDU with new plug types.  Plus, the new and likely increased computing density leads to higher kW/rack demands.  These demands are quickly followed by higher plug count and amperage requirements. 

What if you could carry the design principal of flexibility to your rack mount power strip/PDU?

Rack mount power strips that incorporate Server Technology’s HDOT Cx do just that by providing up to 42 separate C13 outlets in a single, 42U high rack PDU. The Cx also provides the ultimate in flexibility with outlets that can power devices equipped with either C19 or C20 plug types.

The HDOT has evolved, and the new Cx outlet is the answer to the question of flexibility.  With two outlets in one, the Cx will allow you to build flexibility into your data center with one standard PDU.  In fact, you can think of it as we do: “One Standard PDU with Limitless Possibilities.”

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