Slash Your Energy Costs To Gain A Competitive Edge

RJ Tee
September 08, 2015

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The widespread opinion in the sports world has been that Tom Brady gained a competitive edge in last season’s AFC championship game when he deflated the game ball, as he’s been accused of doing by the NFL. Though this was an underhanded attempt to gain an advantage, most competitive entities can understand the drive to win that motivated him to take this course of action.  

How can you gain a competitive edge in your data centers (without creating any controversy)? Start by making a serious attempt to reduce your data center’s energy costs.

Why should you start there? By reducing your power load, you will also spend less money on cooling your data center’s infrastructure. The less power you use, the more cost efficient — and eco-friendly — your network will become.

Research shows that many business leaders are already on board with this idea. According to the fifth annual Resources Study by Deloitte, 79 percent of businesses believe that reducing the cost of energy is vital for creating and maintaining a competitive advantage.

So, what are businesses doing to take action and reduce costs? Some 57 percent of organizations currently have formal energy-reduction goals in place. This is an increase of 11 percent from 2014. The study also shows that more than half of companies that were surveyed indicated they believe their energy management efforts are “extremely successful.”

This is a clear indication that energy management is trending in the business world, and could very well become a differentiator for your company.

If you’re looking to gain a leg up on the competition, Server Technology’s Sentry Power Manager (SPM) can help. Using SPM, you can gain real-time rack-level power distribution and monitoring capabilities. With the data gleaned from SPM, it’s possible to optimize your data center by figuring out how much power your facility is using on a daily basis.

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