HDOT Cx in the Realm of Great Ideas: Part 2

Annie Paquette
September 28, 2018

hdot-cx-in-the-realm-of-great-ideas-part-2 - https://cdn.buttercms.com/psEWvkvARJeCgGBiX85t

Kids these days.  You’ve got to hand it to Gabby, that entrepreneurial citizen of Grand Avenue.  She recognizes that as times change, it takes great ideas to meet the needs of your customers. 

At Server Technology, we understand that density and flexibility in rack mount power strip(s) is a must, and that it takes some brain power to put the intelligence into intelligent PDU(s).

Gabby, meet your next great idea:  the mind-bending HDOT Cx.

No regular IP Power Strip, the new HDOT Cx introduces a new, UL-tested plug type that allows both C14 and C20 cables be plugged into the same outlet.  One caveat: just not at the same time.  We do have great ideas, but we are still working on mastering the whole dimensional reality/time continuum thing. 

One reality that is part of the HDOT continuum is the fact that the new HDOT rack PDU has the best features of previous generations, including:

  • Branch circuit protection and monitoring, and data center environmental monitoring
  • High density outlet technology with high retention outlets and high temperature capabilities.
  • Hot swappable configurations with Servertech Alt Phase technology

Find the solution that increases profits by checking out how easy load balancing can be.   Or watch Director of Engineering Travis Iron’s new, behind-the-scenes look at the new HDOT Cx.  At Server Technology, we create great ideas to help our customers Stay Powered, Be Supported and Get Ahead.

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