Forget Planning For 2016—Plan for 2024

RJ Tee
November 06, 2015

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All aboard! It’s time to hop in your figurative time machines and blast your data center forward to the year 2024. At least, that’s what industry experts are suggesting. 

In fact, a recent article from TechTarget suggests that data center uptime will be a top economical priority during the 2020s as Internet-connected devices and data continue to be leveraged and consumed on a macro scale.  

This means that network administrators must channel their inner Ebenezer Scrooges and take a visit to their imminent futures to adequately prepare their data centers for what’s coming. After all, the ubiquity of IoT is snowballing and thereby posing a potential threat to the future of data center uptime if IT leaders don’t start preserving their resources now. 

One way that network administrators can ensure they are prepared for the year 2024, and long after, is by implementing data center power monitoring technology. Monitoring, and thereby preserving, your data center energy consumption today will engender positive results in the future, such as uptime and cost savings

What’s more, the design and architecture of your data center will play a leading role in the preservation of uptime in the future. Optimize your data center for future success by implementing the right hardware now. For example, Server Technology’s PRO2 architecture is built to provide more redundancy, outlets, customization, and resiliency so that your data servers can run efficiently for years to come.  

There is a lot to be said about taking things day by day in your data center. But, when the livelihood of your data center is on the line it’s better to consider, and accordingly address, future risks that could be potentially harmful.

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