Can Your Data Center Withstand a Hurricane?

RJ Tee
May 19, 2017

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Take a hard look at your data center, and ask this tough question: If a hurricane were to hit right now, and you were to lose power, how would your facility fare? Does your data center have a reliable backup system that would immediately kick in? Houston's data centers came out unscathed after Harvey.

The truth, though, is that major hurricanes can come out of nowhere, when they are least expected — so you always need to be prepared. And even if your business is out of the danger zone for hurricanes, you still need to be ready for other disasters like fires, floods or even tornados.

When assessing your data center’s disaster recovery plan, it’s vital that you account for one critical component: Power management.

Server Technology’s intelligent power distribution units — and Power IQ— platform from our partner Sunbird can provide valuable information about how your data center and its critical backup systems are using energy.

These solutions can collect valuable metrics at the rack level, and transmit them directly to a centralized, Web-based console where they can be easily accessed. Equipped with this technology, data center managers can identify areas that need to be improved so that when a storm hits, there will be no question that operations will continue. 

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