Introducing the Sentry Power SystemTM . Designed for Data Center Rackmount Power Management. Only from Server Tech.

A complete data center management system 

More Intelligent.

More Reliable.

Easier to Manage.

You want data center power distribution, power monitoring, management and analytics, for multiple locations. You want something that’s intuitive, customizable and that it integrates seamlessly with any other data center infrastructure system or applications you have. You need Server Tech’s Sentry Power SystemTM.

Designed by the data center power experts, the Sentry Power  SystemTM  combines the world’s most reliable PDUs, engineered for the highest quality using Server Tech’s patented Quality Power Architecture, with Sentry Power Manager (SPM), the most comprehensive solution for data center monitoring and management. You get an entire system to help you drive energy efficiency, uptime and ROI.

The new Sentry Power  SystemTM. Only from Server Tech.

The combination of Server Technology's Intelligent cabinet power distribution units (PDUs) and Sentry Power Manager (SPM) gives you the most comprehensive system of power available for rack-level data center power distribution and data center monitoring, measurement and control.

  • Manage your rack level network from anywhere
  • At a glance management for PDU auto discovery, configuration and upgrades
  • Measure and monitor power information per outlet, device, application or rack
  • Monitor, manage and control hundreds or thousands of networked PDUs.
  • Alerts & alarm management
  • Trend & report power information
  • Stand alone system or DCIM or BMS integration into existing system

The Sentry Power System combines:

  • The world’s most reliable cabinet PDUs from the Inventors of the intelligent PDU. (smart or switched units, with or without Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS) or Per Inlet Power Sensing (PIPS) - Learn more 
  • SPM data center monitoring solution control/measuring/monitoring solution. Your choice of virtual or appliance. Your choice of stand alone or DCIM integration solution - Learn more 
  • Introducing SNAP:  As a true system, we’ve combined our Sentry PDUs with our award-winning Sentry Power Manager along with a new exclusive technology we refer to as “SNAP” to create the industry’s first true layer rack power system. Server Tech’s SNAP technology enables all Sentry PDU devices deployed across your enterprise to behave and be managed as a single combined system. One structure, one view, one management console for all rack-level power devices, regardless of location or quantity. With Sentry Power System, customers can now realize “Plug & Play” functionality and the ability to configure hundreds or thousands of PDUs with a single mouse click. You simply take the PDU out of the box and plug it into the network. - Learn more 
  • Server Technology's power service team, focused on training, integration, installation and configuration, customized to each individual customer - Learn more