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Server Technology Inc. introduces the All-in-1 PDU solution - HDOT Switched on the PRO2 platform with Alternating Phase outlets.
RENO, Nevada, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Server Technology combined three of its leading patent pending technologies into one PDU; HDOT Switched on the PRO2 platform with Alternating Phase outlets. This All-in-1 cabinet PDU is the most innovative power product on the market, with solutions for density, capacity planning and uptime for the modern data center.

Jury Awards $10,787,634 in Patent Infringement Lawsuit
Verdict for One-Piece, Switched, Vertical, Power Distribution Units with Digital Display RENO, Nev., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A Reno, Nevada jury awarded Server Technology, Inc. damages totaling $10,787,634 in an action for patent infringement brought against American Power Conversion Corporation ("APC"), a subsidiary of Schneider Electric SA (Euronext: SU).  The Server Technology patents in suit are US Patent No. 7,043,543 (Vertical-Mount Electrical Power Distribution Plugstrip) issued May 9, 2006, and US Patent No. 7,702,771 (Electrical Power Distribution Device Having A Current Display) issued April 20, 2010.

Server Technology Awarded 5-Star Rating in CRN's 2014 Partner Program Guide
Annual guide recognizes the very best channel partner programs in the market RENO, Nev., March 28, 2014 -- Server Technology, experts in producing the highest quality rack mount power distribution units and power monitoring solutions, announced it has been awarded a 5-Star rating in the CRN 2014 Partner Program Guide. The annual directory is the definitive listing of technology vendors that service solution providers or provide products through the IT channel. The 5-Star Partner Program rating recognizes an elite subset of companies that offer solution providers the best partnering elements in their channel programs.

Server Technology Inc. releases HDOT, High Density Outlet Technology, which drastically reduces the footprint of a PDU while retaining up to 42 C13 outlets in a 1U device
RENO, Nevada, Dec. 12, 2013 -- Server Technology, Inc. has released HDOT, High Density Outlet Technology (Patent Pending). High power densities and reduced cabinet space require new and innovative products like Server Technology’s own patented outlet technology that provides industry standard C13 and C19 outlets in a drastically reduced footprint.

Organize Your Data Center, Manage Power Efficiently with Color PDUs from Server Technology
Server Technology (News - Alert), a provider of data center power management and monitoring solutions, sets out to offer its customers products that make their lives easier. This includes responding to their requests, listening to their feedback and considering their suggestions to develop solutions that improve customers’ jobs and data center performance.

Pack More Power and Equipment in Your Data Center Racks with ProGrade 42
As demands for power efficiency, low costs and higher performance continue to impact the data center, managers and operators are learning to live by the mantra, “Do more with less.” They need high-quality products for low costs and quick accessibility.

Server Technology Enhances Sentry Power Manager for Efficient Data Center Power Monitoring
Data center managers today face a lot of the same challenges – they are trying to be more efficient and save money, which includes running devices at higher temperatures, so the need to monitor these environments is a lot more critical than it has been in the past.

Server Technology's High-temp PDUs Help Balance Power Usage and Costs in the Data Center
Power is the biggest expense in the data center – most of it is used to cool data centers and keep them at a temperature that prevents servers or devices from overheating.

Unmatched Accuracy in the Data Center with Server Technology
It’s no secret that power is one of the, if not the most important part of the data center. Not only is power the biggest expense in the data center because of cooling and maintaining optimal temperature for equipment to run, but because network downtime can cost organizations thousands, millions or even billions of dollars, critical data and a loyal customer base. Data center operators are interested in how much power is being consumed by devices connected through the PDU/powered in cabinet, and they want that measurement to be as accurate as possible.

Server Technology to Showcase Data Center Power Innovations at Datacenter Dynamics San Francisco
The advent of cloud computing, virtualization and energy efficient technologies has impacted the way data centers are managed and run today. To bring together the data center power and management community, Datacenter Dynamics is hosting its DCD Converged San Francisco to explore the latest trends and technologies in the data center space. Server Technology (News - Alert), a provider of quality rack mount power distribution and monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency, will be attending DCD San Francisco, happening Friday, July 12

Server Technology to Showcase Cisco Solutions at Cisco Live
Tech giant Cisco plays a big role in the industry. Not only does it produce market research reports such as its Global Cloud Index (GCI (News - Alert)), Visual Networking Index (VNI) and VNI Service Adoption Forecast, but it generates more than $46.1 billion in revenue in one year.

Server Technology Names Mirapath, Inc. Channel Partner of the Year
Server Technology, experts in producing the highest quality rack mount power distribution units and power monitoring solutions, announced today that they have recognized Mirapath, Inc. as the “Channel Partner of the Year” based upon annual sales growth, technical capability and overall engagement with Server Technology over the past year.

Server Technology Targets Low-Power Servers and Efficient Data Centers with New 48-Outlet Product Family
By Rachel Ramsey TMCnet Web Editor Server Technology (News - Alert), a provider of data center power management and monitoring solutions, has added a new family of 48-outlet switched products to its product portfolio to meet high density needs and power more servers in their racks and to help clean up clumps of cords, improve airflow and heat dissipation. The launch of these 48-outlet products is in response to customer demands. Not only did Server Technology respond to customer requests for a bank of outlets that are useful to put a lot of servers in the rack, but it utilized its years of expertise to deliver something more – something innovative that gives customers more than just what they asked for.

Server Technology to Exhibit and Discuss Fortune 500 Data Center Challenges at Uptime Institute Symposium 2013
Think about what you do every day on the Internet. Millions of blogs, social media updates, e-mails, videos and links are being posted and shared even as we speak. What enables that to happen? Why don’t these sites crash as millions of people around the globe load and access them? The answer is the data center.

Server Technology Powers InteropNet to Provide High-Speed Network Connectivity to Interop Attendees
Every year, there are hundreds of technology conferences held worldwide. Tens of thousands of attendees come together for days of networking, exhibiting, discussing and presenting on numerous topics to better their business and the industry. At these events, one element is becoming absolutely crucial to their success: connectivity.

Server Technology to Help Data Center Professionals Overcome Challenges at Data Center World 2013
Today’s technology, economy and customer expectations lead to one trend for businesses: learning to do more with less. Data center professionals are among them, and today are working on how to fit more power and density into data center racks. Customers want to pack the most equipment, such as servers, switches and storage, into each and every rack, which, in turn, is leading to issues like capacity planning, load balancing, heat issues, energy efficiency and how to manage all of those things.

Four Cities Remain in Nlyte Software, RF Code and Server Technology Seven-City Series on Overcoming Data Center Challenges
By Rachel Ramsey TMCnet Web Editor To help face challenges in the data center, Nlyte Software, RF Code and Server Technology (News - Alert) are hosting a seven-city seminar series to help data center professionals optimize their energy and operational efficiency. Almost a month into the series, the companies are receiving tremendous feedback from attendees and there are still four cities left to visit.

Nlyte Software, RF Code and Server Technology Launch Seven-City Seminar Series to Optimize Data Center Efficiency
Capacity planning, full utilization of facilities, increased power costs and lower power availability, environmental monitoring, proactive power management and predicting future power needs are just a few of the challenges in the data center from both an operational and financial perspective.

Server Technology's Color-Coded, Alternating Phase Power Technology Simplifies Load Balancing
We’re not very far into 2013, but so far, Server Technology, a provider of data center power monitoring and management products and solutions, has made the most of it. It introduced its PDU Power Pivot with a 90-degree rotatable power cord in January, and its master distributor, PDUs Direct, released the ProGrade 42, a 42-outlet high density PDU, just last month. In its latest innovation, Server Technology is unveiling its patented, color-coded Alternating Phase Technology, which helps improve cord routing  and simplifies balancing three-phase power, load balancing and cord routing.

Server Technology, STARLINE and Cooper Bussmann to Present at Data Center World 2013
The introduction of new technologies, unprecedented business demands and the need for expanded IT budgets helps form the modern data center, which finds itself balancing efficiency and availability while computing demand and energy costs are increasing and IT budgets are contracting. Switching to high-density, high-efficiency data centers is resulting in higher utilization voltages and higher short-circuit currents in the white space electrical distribution system.