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    What is a Switched PDU? Defined.

    by Anna Paquette

    With a host of PDU types, understanding what a Switched PDU does can be confusing. This Server Technology blog provides information on what Switched PDUs do.

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    Then, What is a Switched PDU?

    by Kayla Poole

    In our previous post “So, What Is an Intelligent PDU?” we provided some clarification to what can be thought of as a broad a category of products, all of which have a network connection in common. An intelligent PDU is a basic PDU with a network connection. And like most general categories, there are subcategories that bear some discussion. As we defined it in the last post, an intelligent PDU does two things: first, the network connection provides data feedback on the operation of the unit; second, the network connection provides the ability to control the operation of the unit remotely. From these two features come the two major subcategories in the intelligent PDU world: ‘smart’ for data feedback, and ‘switched’ for command and control.

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    The Big Decision: Selecting Smart vs. Switched Data Center PDUs

    by RJ Tee

    Recently, many customers have inquired about whether they should implement a Smart or Switched Rack PDU in their data centers. When looking at the two Servertech products side by side, they appear to be almost identical, since both products offer the following features: Branch circuit protection Input current monitoring Environmental monitoring Access, security and communications An expansion module There is one major difference, however, between Smart and Switched PDU(s): a Switched PDU adds the ability to turn power on and off on a per-outlet basis. Because of this, a switched PDU offers more control at the outlet where it’s being used. Conversely, a Smart PDU will provide the same level of critical power and environmental monitoring data but will not allow you to make changes to the outlet from a central location. Smart PDUs are mainly about monitoring and reporting, Switched PDUs add a level of command and control.


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    Top Reasons to Use Switched PDUs in Your Data Center

    by Josh Schaap

    It’s not easy trying to decide which type of rack PDU to purchase for your data center. As we explained in a recent article, the decision ultimately comes down to your data center’s unique needs. Your appetite for risk, facility budget, and operating preferences will all play a big part in determining what type of rack PDU you should be using. In this article, we will focus on the switched PDU, which is a smart PDU that will let you toggle power on and off, on a per outlet bases, from a remote location. A switched PDU also allows you to centralize the management functions of your PDU.

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