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    Energy Consumption and Hyperscale Leadership

    by Annie Paquette

    Server Technology, the Power Strategy Expert, recently released the “The Power of Hyperscale Computing 2019” and “Renewable Energy in the Data Center Industry.” Both touch on the role of corporate energy leadership in the hyperscale world.

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    Summary: The New “Renewable Energy in the Data Center Industry” White Paper

    by Annie Paquette

    In Server Technology’s newest white paper, “Renewable Energy in the Data Center Industry,” questions about renewable data center design are answered, without mention of Server Technology or Rack PDU(s). Really.

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    HDOT Success Part 3: The Evolution of HDOT

    by RJ Tee

    In our previous post HDOT Success Part 2: Lessons Learned, we discussed the success of our HDOT High Density Outlet rack PDU, and how that success is based on listening to our clients and learning how we can help them get ahead of the power distribution challenges of the data center industry. In this blog, we will shift our focus and discuss the answer to the question, what is the next step in the evolution of the most popular intelligent PDU on the market? Server Technology is proud to say that the HDOT is evolving. The market challenges that were emerging when we started still exist today: high density three-phase power that needs to be distributed to the rack by an intelligent power distribution product that is customizable and readily available. Check. But how do you improve on that formula?

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