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    Look Beyond Your Servers When Measuring Your Data Center’s Power Usage

    Posted by RJ Tee on February 18, 2015

    When it comes to measuring your data center’s power usage, your servers are a great place to start. After all, servers typically comprise the bulk of electricity consumption in a facility, with each one consuming between 400 and 500 watts on average. It’s important to realize, however, that servers are only part of the equation when analyzing your data center’s overall power consumption. If you want to assess your facility’s true carbon footprint and reduce as many expenses as possible, it’s also critical to analyze every system that taps into your uninterruptible power supply.

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    Every Strong Customer Application Is Backed by a Healthy Server

    Posted by Josh Schaap on February 04, 2015

    Your customer has been trying to get your application to work for about 10 minutes. But the application just won’t load since your main server is experiencing power-related downtime. As a result, the customer can’t complete his or her order. What will your customer do as a result of your application downtime? Chances are likely that he or she will seek out a competitor that can provide a working application. This means your company will lose out on this business transaction, and potentially the customer’s trust in your company.