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    Designing for Efficiency: A Green Data Center Checklist

    by Annie Paquette

    Tucked in an appendix to the recently released “The Power of Hyperscale Computing 2019,” Servertech provides a checklist to guide green data center design. Today we focus on bringing this potentially overlooked information to light.

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    Hyperscale Best Practices: DC Power Distribution and New PDUs

    by Annie Paquette

    Server Technology, the Power Strategy Expert, recently released “The Power of Hyperscale Computing 2019.” This blog focuses on the role of DC power distribution in new data centers, as well as the intelligent PDUs that support them.

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    Then, What is a Switched PDU?

    by Kayla Poole

    In our previous post “So, What Is an Intelligent PDU?” we provided some clarification to what can be thought of as a broad a category of products, all of which have a network connection in common. An intelligent PDU is a basic PDU with a network connection. And like most general categories, there are subcategories that bear some discussion. As we defined it in the last post, an intelligent PDU does two things: first, the network connection provides data feedback on the operation of the unit; second, the network connection provides the ability to control the operation of the unit remotely. From these two features come the two major subcategories in the intelligent PDU world: ‘smart’ for data feedback, and ‘switched’ for command and control.

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    HDOT Cx in the Realm of Great Ideas: Part 1

    by RJ Tee

    While the Server Technology engineers here in Reno are a little more on the ball than Frank and Earnest, the newly launched power distribution unit we’ve dubbed ‘HDOT Cx’ could arguably be a turning point in network PDU history.

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    Best of the Stay Powered Blog: 2018’s Top Posts

    by Kayla Poole

    Suffice it to say, 2018 has been a fun year for the Stay Powered Blog here at Server Technology. We’ve really run the gambit in terms of topics – from intelligent PDUs and IP Power Strips to Network PDU(s) and all points in between. We covered them all with, ahem, a mix of intelligence and humor. If you were to read the five most popular blogs from this year, what would they be?

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