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    PRO3X Wins DCS 2020 “Data Center PDU Innovation of the Year”

    Posted by Neche Veyssal on February 19, 2021

    Server Technology’s new PRO3X intelligent PDU is winning awards out of the gate. This article provides DCS 2020 Award highlights and new rack-mount PDU features.

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    IoT In Our Lives

    Posted by Isaiah LaJoie on November 16, 2020

    Mark Cram’s industry brief “The Internet of Things in our Lives” describes a new reality in which technology is near you, on you, and for some, in you. This article is a synopsis of the IoT.

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    Who Put the ‘i’ in PDU?

    Posted by RJ Tee on November 06, 2017

    As I was sitting around the other day and casting about a topic for this blog post, my colleagues jokingly suggested that we talk about this trend of putting an ‘i’ in front of everything. You know, how an intelligent PDU can be called iPDU or even IP-PDU, the now-normal branding standard of our modern age, the world of iEverything. The ‘i’ in the first iMac stood for the Internet, not necessarily intelligent. At the time, the idea of an internet-based personal computer was quite revolutionary. The ‘i’ moniker also brings to mind another intelligent ’i’ product, introduced by German sports car company BMW and infamously known as the Drive. While it originally stood for intelligent, the ‘i’ quickly became known to stand for ‘infuriating.’

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    Use Data Center PDUs to Reach Your Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

    Posted by RJ Tee on November 10, 2017

    It’s important to realize that data centers — which are notorious energy hogs — need to be front and center in a CSR strategy. It’s impossible to build an effective and honest CSR strategy without reigning in and controlling your data center’s power output. So, how do you control your data center’s power output? The easiest, and most effective way, is to invest in tools that provide real-time power monitoring and environmental reporting at the rack level.

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    The One, The Only: HDOT With POPS

    Posted by Josh Schaap on December 22, 2016

    Thanks to its modular design, each HDOT product type gives customers the flexibility to configure the location and quantity of C13 and C19 outlets on the PDU. As a result, there are literally thousands on thousands of configurations possible. To get a sense of how customizable our PDUs really are, check out our Build Your Own PDU tool which walks you through four easy steps to building the perfect power solution for your data center. It’s so remarkably easy that you can even build a PDU right from your tablet or phone.

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    Smart Cities Need Fog Computing with Intelligent Power

    Posted by Marc Cram on April 26, 2016

    Mainframes and Moore’s law led to personal computers. Client-server applications became possible with the first local area networks. Cellular radio systems and Wi-Fi, along with Moore’s law (again) combined with improved battery technology have made laptops, tablets, cell phones, and augmented reality headsets key drivers of internet activity today. Tomorrow’s applications will be more widespread, and possibly less visible. Think smart cities, where the lamp posts and the sidewalks work together to guide you to your destination so you don’t have to watch your progress on a map application on your phone. The solar powered talking trash bin on the corner can call a driverless Lyft for you. Need to make a phone call? Put your hand on the glass of the bus stop shelter and you can have a video call for a few micro-cents.

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    Protect Your Data Center for the Busy Holiday Shopping Rush

    Posted by RJ Tee on November 17, 2017

    It’s official: We are now in one of the busiest times of the year for shopping. All across the world, consumers are scouring the Internet looking for deals on gifts. This year, holiday shoppers are expected to spend at least $680 billion which is an increase from the $655 billion that was spent in 2016. This is great news for your business, especially when coupled with the long-term economic predictions for 2018. According to Goldman Sachs, the economy is expected to boom in 2018. So consumers will have even more money to spend on products and services.

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    Migrating to the Cloud? You Still Need Intelligent PDUs

    Posted by RJ Tee on March 17, 2017

    We see this problem time and again with cloud computing: First, a business will partner with a hosted cloud provider offering affordable access to premium infrastructure; then, the business will migrate its workloads and wait for the cost savings to roll in. Oftentimes, though, the cost savings never materialize. In fact, it's very common for a business to spend more money on cloud services in the long run than it would on legacy network expenses.

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    Location Is Only Half the Battle When Building a New Data Center

    Posted by RJ Tee on June 05, 2017

    Just recently, Network World ran an interesting article explaining how Ireland is the best place to set up a data center in Europe. The author pointed out how strong connectivity, affordable taxes and active government support make Ireland a premium destination for businesses seeking colocation and interconnection services.

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    Is Your UPS System Ready for Winter?

    Posted by RJ Tee on November 13, 2017

    According to the latest Farmer’s Almanac, much of the U.S. is in store for a cold, wet winter that will stretch well into March. At least five major storms expected to hit the eastern seaboard. In just a few short weeks — when the snow starts falling — we will learn which businesses are prepared for winter, and which are not. Businesses that take the time to plan ahead and invest in disaster recovery and business continuity will have a major competitive advantage. One thing you will want to pay attention to as you winterize your data center is the operability of your uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system. According to a recent study, UPS system failure is now the leading cause of data center downtime. In fact, UPS system failure now accounts for one-quarter of all data center outages.

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