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  • Ask the Engineer- How do I calculate power from 3-phase LED readings?

    Posted by Annie Paquette on October 09, 2010

    In this blog, Server Technology answers the question at large- "How do I calculate the power usage for devices attached to one of your Smart PDU's by looking at the digital readouts on them?"

  • Ask the Engineer- How do I get 120V from a 208V circuit?

    Posted by Annie Paquette on February 22, 2013

    In this blog, Server Technology answers the question at large- Does Servertech have any PDUs that can convert down from 208V to 120V for those handfuls of legacy devices that "require" 120V?

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    The Big Decision: Selecting Smart vs. Switched Data Center PDUs

    Posted by RJ Tee on August 22, 2018

    Recently, many customers have inquired about whether they should implement a Smart or Switched Rack PDU in their data centers. When looking at the two Servertech products side by side, they appear to be almost identical, since both products offer the following features: Branch circuit protection Input current monitoring Environmental monitoring Access, security and communications An expansion module There is one major difference, however, between Smart and Switched PDU(s): a Switched PDU adds the ability to turn power on and off on a per-outlet basis. Because of this, a switched PDU offers more control at the outlet where it’s being used. Conversely, a Smart PDU will provide the same level of critical power and environmental monitoring data but will not allow you to make changes to the outlet from a central location. Smart PDUs are mainly about monitoring and reporting, Switched PDUs add a level of command and control.

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    Single vs. Three Phase Power Distribution - Know the Difference

    Posted by RJ Tee on November 17, 2017

    Electricity is the single most important resource in a data center, as it’s needed for powering every system — from the servers on the floor to the lights overhead. Often the differences between a single phase PDU and a three phase PDU are not as complicated as they may seem, and even more often a 3 phase PDU is the right fit. At the same time, electricity is incredibly expensive, dangerous and easy to mismanage — especially when considering the sheer volume of power that is typically used. Some facilities, after all, use enough electricity to power hundreds of thousands of homes. Even though energy efficiency is now top of mind for data center administrators, there’s no getting around the fact that data centers consume a great deal of power. As such, it’s vital to have the correct underlying power distribution system in place before moving in and setting up any equipment.

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    How to Calculate Three Phase Power in the Data Center (And Why it’s Important)

    Posted by RJ Tee on June 25, 2017

    To illustrate the importance of calculating three phase power in the data center, let’s pretend you are going to cook a meal for a big group of people. As simple as it sounds, first you’ll need to figure out how many guests will be arriving so you don’t run out of food and wind up in a pinch. In the data center, this planning process is called capacity planning. Only in this case, instead of feeding food to people, you are feeding electricity to servers.

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