The Smart PDU from Server Technology offers input current monitors on esasy-to-view LED via network or serial connection. These PDUs feature branch circuit protection and are available in a variety of voltages and amperages. The Monitored PDU also contains automated alerts for power and environmental conditions. Server Technology Smart PDUs are available in inlet (in-feed), phase power sensing (PIPS) and POPS.

Key Features of a Server Technology Smart PDU:

  • Branch circuit protection
  • Input current monitoring
  • Extensive security
  • Outlet control
  • Temperature and humidity probes (optional)

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  • switched rack pdu

    What is a Smart PDU?

    A Smart PDU is Monitored PDU is known to improve uptime, increase operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, lower PUE, improve energy efficiency, and increase control at the rack. The Smart POPS PDU features built-in LED current monitors, which feature an Ethernet, serial and temperature/humidity monitoring port, while optional temperature and humidity probes on 10 ft. (3 m) cords allow for measurements to be taken in different locations within the cabinet. Learn the difference between a Smart and Switched PDU
  • smart pdu in rack

    Who is a Smart PDU ideal for?

    A Smart PDU streams real-time and historical power and environmental data for each unit. This data can be accessed over any web browser, which is ideal for any IT manager in charge of multiple facilities. Read the top reasons to use a Smart PDU in your data center
  • HDOT Cx rack PDU

    What makes Server Technology's Smart PDUs unique?

    Our Smart PDUs are available in our award-winning HDOT Cx PDUs with Alternating Phase Technology, alternating 3-phase power on a per-outlet basis instead of per-branch basis. This allows for shorter cords, quicker instillation, and easier load balancing for 3-phase rackmount PDU's. Our innovative HDOT Cx Rack PDU has more outlets per form factor than any PDU in the market, combines two outlets in one, and ships in 10 business days.

Power Measurement Features

Per Outlet Power Sensing |

The best outlet power measurement technology on the market for data center rack-level power monitoring.

Adds Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS) to the Smart PDU which provides power monitoring per an individual outlet/device. Power information per individual outlet /device includes current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor, and power factor. Using our grouping technology, power information is available per device, groups of devices (application), individual PDU or cabinet.

  • Simple, secure, integral web interface GUI configuration tool
  • Temperature and Humidity Support
  • Authentication logging, configuration changes and system events
  • Secure Syslog protocol support
  • Automatic Firmware Updates via FTP server
  • Emails log, event, authorization, power & configuration messages
  • Strong Password Support and Pre-Login Banner
  • Ability to Ping an IP address to see if the device is responding
  • Grouping of outlets across Master & Expansion PDUs
  • SNMP: Traps based on Status, Changes, Load, Temperature & Humidity

Per Inlet Power Sensing |

The best infeed power measurement technology on the market for data center rack-level power monitoring.

PIPS technology replaces power monitoring at the RPP (Remote Power Panel) in data centers with higher accuracy and lower cost monitoring of each power circuit attached to a PDU. This feature enhances equipped Smart, Switched, and POPS PDUs with the most accurate and extensive metrics on the market. Expect the same quality and functionality on current intelligent PDUs, but with an increased level of information to help you make the critical decisions regarding your facility.

  • Provide power monitoring per inlet/infeed.
  • Power information per infeed includes current, voltage, power, apparent power, crest factor, reactance, power factor and accumulated energy.
  • Accessed through either a secure network or serial connection.
  • A secure integral web interface provides a simple and easy way to monitor the PDU.
  • Configuration choices include: SNMP traps, email alerts, grouping, and all security and communication settings.