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Smart POPS - Per Outlet Power Sensing CDU

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Smart Rack Power Distribution Unit plus Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS)

The Smart POPS Rack PDU products provide reliable power distribution coupled with remote/network power and environmental monitoring. Use the network interface to view power, temperature and humidity levels via Web browser, or SNMP-based and email alerts when conditions exceed defined thresholds. POPS provides power monitoring per an individual outlet/device. Power information per individual outlet /device includes current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor, and power factor.
Data center power monitoring is important in today's data centers, and POPS Rack PDUs give you the information you need to make critical decisions. Visit our solutions section for more on Device Level Measurements.

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110V 208V 230V 400V


20A 30A 50A 60A


Horz. Vert.
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