Consulting Services

Data Center Power Experts

“Server Technology's engineers really understand my business and help me solve problems." -Network Engineer

As an industry pioneer, Server Technology is committed to working alongside our customers and partners to bring a comprehensive service approach to the support and management of the cabinet power distribution market. Our data center power engineers provide an unparalleled commitment to servicing our business partners and customers.

Our service expertise includes:

Planning - Working with our clients to ensure the right architecture is designed to meet business challenges as well as support business growth and changes.

Implementing - Driving Operational Excellence through a successful deployment process resulting in increased product efficiency and quality.

Maintaining - Working in a partnership with the client to provide a differentiated customer experience that prevents downtime in the data center environment.

Resulting in:

Managing - Collaborating with our customers to optimize Sentry Power Manager to drive efficiencies through the trending and monitoring of their cabinet power distribution units.

Whether you are involved in the planning, implementation or maintenance of your data center assets, we partner with you to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency.