PDUs Direct's ProGrade 42 Provides High Density Outlets with the Flexibility You Need

For tech giants such as Google, Microsoft (News - Alert) and IBM, technology-driven products require a lot of support for design and implementation. For the remainder of the market, with smaller data centers and colocation footprints, companies need quality products that they can access as quickly as possible.

PDUs Direct, a distributor of Server Technology (News - Alert) PDUs for data center environments, delivers just that. The company  recently unveiled the ProGrade 42, its first-ever branded product and the first in a series that packs more power and more devices into your data center racks. Appropriately named, the PDUs are professional-grade products offering quality and reliability that few in the market can provide. The 42 outlet smart PDU makes it the one PDU to power blade or traditional servers, has a middle display that can be inverted for overhead or under the floor power and next-generation locking receptacles.


“As data centers move to more power efficient servers and power supplies, it allows them to put greater density into their cabinets,” said Jim Scherr, director at PDUs Direct. “The ProGrade 42 gives data center operators a large number of outlets in a very small form factor. This allows them to have greater density in their cabinets without adding more circuits.”

The ProGrade 42 enables users to add 30 percent more devices in a cabinet than before. The steel-enclosed PDU maintains the Server Technology quality, but at a lower cost and faster delivery.

According to Scherr, data center operators will love this product because they can do anything with it. The sheer number of outlets in the ProGrade 42 can work with many rack configurations, including high density and blades. Its mixed outlet-base allows users to plug in different kinds of equipment for varying applications.

“Mixed outlets are a nice feature. With both the C13s and C19s, you have great flexibility in how you configure your rack equipment. You can connect routers, switches and blade server applications and still have the capacity to place other equipment into the cabinet,” explained Scherr. “It’s very flexible with the mixed outlets, it’s very universal with the large number of outlets and how they’re spaced, so the customer can get whatever outlet he needs no matter where he’s putting in his equipment.”

PDUs Direct offers a variety of PDUs, including Server Technology’s basic, metered, smart and switched PDUs, as well as accessories and switched POPS units to provide the highest quality industrial-grade products with ease of use, fast shipping and best-in-class pricing.

 “If you need a PDU and you need it fast at a good price, that’s what PDUs Direct is there to do,” said Scherr.

Going forward, we can expect to see the power efficiency of equipment to get better to allow for even  greater cabinet density. To learn more about PDUs Direct and its ProGrade 42, click here.

Edited by Ashley Caputo