Server Technology is the original equipment manufacturer of cabinet, or rack mountable power distribution units (PDUS).  The Sentry line of power distribution solutions range from providing power management of data center power via Sentry Power Manager (SPM) to basic power distribution unit (PDU) solutions.

Power distribution solutions can meet any Data Center power management goal.

POPS or per outlet power sensing pdus provide power information on a per outlet basis include: current load (A), voltage (V), power (kW), apparent power (VA), crest factor, and power factor. POPS power information can be rolled up within Sentry Power Manager (SPM) to provide reporting for power use trends, calculate Data Center efficiency metrics for PUE and DCiE, and control all networked pdus.

Switched rack pdu solutions provide intelligent power management via IP.  Smart power distribution solutions provide intelligent Data Center power monitoring locally and/or remotely. Metered power distribution solutions provide input current power monitoring locally.

Server Tech provides 3 phase Delta and 3 phase Wye (208 volt) and 400 volt power distribution as well as single phase power distribution solutions in 110 volt, 208 volt and 230 volt power.

Server Tech has a variety of products to meet your data center power needs. We look forward to helping you find a solution to your data center power needs and provide power management.