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Server Technology - Australia

Welcome to Server Technology Inc., the leading provider of intelligent power distribution unit (pdu) solutions for Data Centers. We are based in Reno, Nevada and develop and manufacture professional solutions for power distribution in cabinets. Server Technology has more than 26 years experience and is offering a complete line of power distribution unit solutions for your Data Center environment.

Server Tech power distribution unit (pdu) solutions offer a range of rackmount pdus for data center power management, monitoring and control.

Power Distribution Units (PDUS) include:

- POPS units for per outlet power sensing

- Switched pdus for power management via IP

- Smart pdus for local and network (remote) power monitoring

- Metered pdus for local power monitoring

- Basic power units and 3 Phase Delta and Wye (indicated as -3ph) power distribution unit (PDU) solutions for your data center. 

- The Sentry Power Manager (SPM) allows for a global view of all Sentry power distribution units based on temperature, humidity, current and device status and is capable of reporting power information per kilowatt (kW) and kilowatt per hour (kW per hour).