Who we are

Server Technology’s experts produce the highest quality rackmount power distribution and monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency. Our extensive selection of Sentry CDUs are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and are 100% performance tested for reliability and accuracy. Server Tech eliminates single points of failure, reducing downtime and costs. Our PDUs are designed to be adaptable and enable quick delivery of solutions that meet customer-specific requirements. Server Technology gives IT and infrastructure professionals the control to make accurate capacity planning decisions, reduce risks and meet energy efficiency goals.

Data Center Power Knowledge & Experience

Server Technology’s Executive Leadership Team

Server Technology’s Executive Leadership Team brings over 175 years of power distribution, engineering, management, legal and operations experience to the organization, from companies like IBM, ABB, Avocent, Raritan and Digital Equipment Corporation. Highly regarded within the data center power industry and among their peers, the Server Technology executive leadership team is committed to driving the core values of the company: Quality, Innovation, Integrity and putting the customer first.