Posted by RJ Tee on July 23, 2018


If there was ever a situation where practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, this is it: setting up a PDU manually – without ZTP.

As you can see in our new white paper, Server Technology is in the business of making provisioning our power distribution units simpler for you.

Here’s what you can expect from our new Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP, or 0 Touch) feature found on all Server Technology PRO1 or PRO2 PDUs:

Get up and running – quickly.  Given the choice between going slow and manual or fast and fully automatic, most would prefer the latter - except those in the molasses industry, of course.  What once would take hours can now be accomplished with a minimum amount of effort.

Get it right the first time.  When you duplicate settings already on the power strip, you can count on consistency across all configurations and simplify your job.  And in our mission-critical world, consistency is the truly the hallmark of uptime.

Tweak settings effortlessly.  One of the benefits of having easily achievable consistency is the low cost of change – which means that you can alter, fine tune, and adjust to your heart’s content.  The result is a well-oiled machine that is controlling power at it’s most critical point in the network, and at a place where efficiencies can be gained.

Server Technology offers essential power distribution provisioning technologies that can help with the setup process. By using Server Technology’s Zero Touch Provisioning, it’s possible to get started quickly and start putting your energy to better use.

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