Power Measuring & Monitoring

SPM: Manage your entire PDU network from anywhere. Virtualized. Plug & play.

You’ve always wanted a rack–level data center power management system that gives you the power and environmental data you need, let’s you manage all of your PDUs from one dashboard and alerts you and diagnoses problems. It’s time for SPM. Unbelievable functionality. Affordable and easy. You’ll be up and running in less than an hour to manage your entire network from wherever you are. download-free-spm-demo-today

Manage your entire PDU network, from anywhere

SPM  It’s the most feature-rich, comprehensive version yet with unique functionality, only from Server Tech. SPM’s new Plug & Play SNAP* feature and single pane of glass dashboard makes managing your entire PDU network easy. Manage your network from anywhere. At a glance data center power views to manage, auto-discover, individually and group configure and upgrade. (*Sentry Network Access Protocol)

Your choice of application – virtual or appliance. Your choice of system – middleware for DCIM or BMS integration OR stand-alone data center power monitoring. All designed by data center power experts committed to quality, innovation and helping you save money and meet your energy efficiency goals.

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