Device Level Measurement

Per Outlet Power Sensing

Per-Outlet Power Sensing (POPS™): You Cannot Improve Something That You Are Not Measuring

Are you looking to collect the most accurate power information on your servers and devices? Server Technology's POPS™ Cabinet Distribution Units (CDUs) are just what you need to run your operation more efficiently and more cost effectively.

Server Tech’s POPS technology brings you the most granular, accurate, outlet-level power measurement on your connected devices.   POPS CDUs are the most sophisticated and reliable CDUs on the market today that bring the most important power measurements to data center managers.

Increased Power Demands

Demands for power and cooling combined with decreased power availability and increased power costs have convinced the data center industry that it makes good business sense to go "green". Companies can increase their efficiency and lower these costs if they have the right tools to make smart data center decisions.  By providing measurement metrics, efficiency ratings on servers and information to compare with other data centers, an organization can make better decisions, reduce power consumption and maximize each server cabinet to its fullest capacity.

The Metrics You Need: PUE and DCiE

PUE= Total Facility Power/IT Equipment Power

IT Equipment Power = This value is the load associated with all of the IT equipment, examples include servers, storage, network gear, and all supplemental equipment such as monitors and other devices like KVM's.

Total Facility Power = Includes all IT equipment power listed above plus everything that supports the IT equipment load.  Examples include power delivery components like the Generators, UPS and Switch Gear.  Cooling systems include the CRAC units (computer room air conditioning), pumps and cooling towers.  All other components to make up the data center such as the lighting and the network and storage nodes.

Data center operators should aim for a PUE of less than 2 and ideally as close to 1 as possible. 

DCiE = The reciprocal of the PUE
DCiE = 1/PUE = IT Equipment Power/Total Facility Power x 100 = ____ %


Today, organizations like The Green Grid are promoting that data centers increase the frequency and granularity of power measurement in order to be as energy efficient and green as possible. They refer to Level 1, 2 and 3 measurements, with Level 3 being continuous power monitoring:

  • Level 1 calls for at least monthly measurements from a UPS and the main distribution panel feeding all cooling equipment.
  • Level 2 involves daily collection of data from CDUs and from the distribution system used to power all the facility equipment.
  • Level 3 specifies continuous measurement from each individual piece of IT equipment.

Obtain the Most Accurate Data Center Power Information

Both equations require the IT Equipment Power to be measured after all the power conversion, switching and conditioning is completed and before the IT equipment itself.  The logical location is at the device plug and the logical device to make this measurement is the cabinet power distribution unit (PDU).  Cabinet PDU technology called POPS™ (Per Outlet Power Sensing) makes IT equipment power usage measurements available today.

Server Technology's POPS™ products provides per outlet power sensing for each individual outlet for: Load (amps), Voltage (V), Active power (watts), Apparent power (VA), Crest Factor, and Power Factor.

CDUs: The Smartest Thing in the Cabinet Besides the Server Itself

Server Technology's intelligent POPS™ CDUs monitor power on each individual device. This information can be used to calculate the PUE and DCiE from The Green Grid which in turn will allow data center managers to make informed intelligent decisions about their facility.  Device level  power measurements are made easy, reliable, and accurate with POPS CDUs. 

For more on POPS™ and its applications, download our full white paper here. Visit the POPS™ product pages to learn more.

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