Data Center Environmental Alerts and Alarms

Instant Messaging for the Data Center. Cabinet PDUs that let you know when things go wrong.

Receive an immediate notification by email when something has gone wrong in your data center regarding the power, temperature or humidity at the rack level. You set the data center environmental criteria and when those thresholds are exceeded, we'll alert you. It’s a simple, affordable, accurate way of protecting your data center and gaining insightful knowledge about the data center environment.

The Unpredictable Data Center

Our expert engineers have spoken with data managers. Even the best data centers, when designed efficiently and intelligently, will encounter unexpected issues. Common problems that occur include heat, overloaded/tripped circuits, power density, redundancy, capacity planning, uptime, space constraints for growth, technology changes, security, monitoring, returning with a positive ROI, consolidations, and more. Data center managers can't always avoid the problems, but they can strive to do their best to stay in front of the tribulations when they occur. This can most easily be accomplished by implementing a system to alert you when trouble arises so that counteractive actions can be deployed to maintain normalcy. With over 27 years of experience, our engineers have created a simple and reliable data center environment alerting solution that can be easily added to the cabinet itself.

Two Top Priority Problems Where Data Center Real-Time Alerting Make Sense:

1.    Power Issues
2.    Extreme Environmental Conditions

In the data center at the rack level, you are housing your important hardware and devices. These servers must be protected and monitored, but as it often happens, two of the biggest server killers are a power overload or an increase in heat to the point where the device literally fries itself. Considering that you spent a lot to purchase the device, it makes logical sense to invest in equipment that can protect the device, and it also makes sense to invest in a system that can help you resolve the problem to keep your IT and business operations intact.

Designed with alerting and alarming capabilities, the Server Technology Intelligent PDU not only delivers and monitors the power, but it notifies you of power and data center environmental dangers.

Server Technology Smart and Switched PDUs offer valuable measurements like inlet, branch or outlet-level power monitoring as well as optional temperature/humidity monitoring as an integral part of the device. These measurements can be seen by logging into the devices' built-in firmware (GUI) directly over the network or through a global PDU management system like Sentry Power Manager (SPM).

What makes these products an even better tool is the PDUs ability to alert and alarm you when your conditions exceed your pre-set thresholds. SNMP traps and email alerts are available should a problem arise with either power or environmental circumstances. If a circuit overloads, you will immediately know and be able to track it down. If the cabinet becomes too hot, or too humid, you will immediately know and have time to make the necessary moves to save the data center. This is a simple way to roll up power and environmental alerting and alarming into one solution, while providing the necessary branch circuit protection, measuring and monitoring that you also need.

Server Technology's PDUs. They never sleep so that you can.

Server Technology's intelligent PDUs monitor power and environmental information over the network, remotely. For power monitoring, whether at the input level, branch level, or per-outlet level depending on the features of that PDU, alerts and alarms are available in real-time. Additionally, intelligent PDUs are capable of hosting two external environmental probes per master PDU with an extra two probes with the addition of the EMCU-1-1B to the deployment. Each monitoring point can be set to provide an alarm or SNMP alert.

Global Power and Environmental Alerts and Alarms

Using Sentry Power Manager (SPM), you can access and view all your alerts and alarms in one place. Now you can easily locate the problem from a single pain of glass view of the entire facility. SPM, using an API application or used as middleware for a DCIM solution, allows users to manage their entire PDU network for discovery, setup, configuration and firmware upgrades, as well as receive data center real-time alerting email alerts and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap forwarding and alarms.

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