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Data center power management products and solutions

Server Technology’s experts produce the highest quality rack mount power distribution and power monitoring solutions that help manage data center power capacity, reduce downtime and energy costs and improve energy efficiency. Our extensive selection of power distribution units (PDUs) are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and are 100% performance tested for reliability and accuracy.

Data Center Power Management

"Server Technology gives me the solutions we need to continually monitor power usage – for uptime, for energy efficiency and for remote power management.” –Data Center IT Director

You need the right tools to manage your data center power. You need the world’s most reliable rackmount power distribution units (PDUS) for uptime. Intelligent PDUs that make it easy to remotely control your data center power, even on nights and weekends with on, off and reboot capabilities. You also need a data center power management solution to measure and monitor your power usage in your server room. It's the first step to knowing what you need to do to improve data center power efficiency, reduce data center downtime and power costs and improve your company’s green IT. As the old saying goes - you can't manage or control what you're not measuring.

Monitoring and reporting on data center energy consumption has become expected in today’s energy conscious world and we have the most robust, affordable and comprehensive data centre power products (PDUs) and solutions in the market today.

Server Technology's products include our Intelligent cabinet power distribution units (PDUs) and Sentry Power Manager (SPM) power monitoring, management and trending software. This combination provides a tightly-integrated system for rack-level data center power distribution and data center power monitoring and management.

Know Everything about your Data Center Power

Uptime. Uptime. Uptime. Server Technology helps me improve it.” -Data Centre Manager

Server Technology’s Sentry Power Manager (SPM) software offers a single pane-of-glass solution to manage, monitor, trend, and report the most accurate power information on your entire network infrastructure of rack mount data center PDUs.

With SPM, you can monitor your data center’s rack-level power information, store it, trend it and use it to make critical decisions about your facility. SPM is your single source for measuring, monitoring, and controlling all the PDUs and attached environmental probes on your network. You’ll receive alerts and alarms when conditions exceed defined thresholds. SPM power monitoring solution is the easiest to use, most affordable power management tool available to monitor power in your data center.

Intelligent PDUs: just what you need to help with your data center power management challenges

If you choose an intelligent PDU solution (Smart, Switched, or Switched POPS) you are on your way to a more efficient, reliable and redundant facility. If you are managing multiple cabinets, possibly across multiple facilities, you could be challenged with gathering and storing all the data, as well as remote management of PDUs in your other data centers. Monitoring all your PDUs individually is impossible, especially if you have dozens of PDUs with hundreds of power sensing outlets. On top of having to log in to each one separately to get your power measurements or power metering, you now have a huge quantity of power and environmental data being measured in real-time and not being stored. Without a database to collect, trend, and report on all your data, you can't make the critical decisions about your facility. It's likely that time and manpower is being wasted trying to globally monitor your data center manually, or as often happens, it's likely that you're not taking advantage of the global power monitoring that is available to you.

About Sentry Power Manager (SPM)

SPM is a software package capable of monitoring and managing power consumption of multiple Sentry PDU devices in IP-based enterprise networks. SPM provides a global view of all Sentry PDUs with the ability to view devices based on their temperature, humidity, current and device status. Quickly drill down from global view to your facility maps to an individual PDU. From there, you have access to the features and functions of that PDU.

  • Manage and monitor all user-set alarm conditions on your entire network.
  • Control and monitor individual device power on POPS PDUs.
  • Group and cluster outlets for remote reboot, power measurement information across a single PDU, a linked PDU, or across the entire network.

SPM stores all the power and environmental data retrieved by all your PDUs. SPM uses this information to provide reporting and trending information for display within SPM or integrated using an API with your existing Building Management System (BMS) or other system.

SPM allows measurement of power consumption and capacity planning.

Auto-discover all your PDUs connected to your IP network. View Logs for user access, discovery, user actions, and alarms. Multiple user levels and permissions including support for LDAP.

How can PDUs benefit you?

There are many benefits to installing a Smart PDU: you can maximize your available power, prevent overloaded circuits, set alarms for power and environmental conditions, and monitor your power and environmental information remotely over the network using the built in firmware. Switched PDUs offer the same functionality but have the ability to switch outlets to ON/OFF/REBOOT for complete remote power management. Furthermore, POPS PDUs show the draw of power on individual outlets/devices. This allows data center managers to find comatose or underutilized servers, bill-back for individual device power consumption, and compare the actual power draw on devices against the faceplate rating.

Server Technology's PDUs. They never sleep so that you can.

Server Technology's intelligent PDUs monitor power and environmental information over the network, remotely. For power monitoring, whether at the input level, branch level, or per-outlet level depending on the features of that PDU, alerts and alarms are available in real-time. Additionally, intelligent PDUs are capable of hosting two external environmental probes per master PDU with an extra two probes with the addition of the EMCU-1-1B to the deployment. Each monitoring point can be set to provide an alarm or SNMP alert.

About Server Technology

The world’s most reliable rack mount data center PDUs. Mission critical performance.

You're looking for bulletproof quality, reliability and performance. You put incredible demands on your data centre or telecommunications equipment and failure is not an option.

Bring it on. Server Technology's rackmount Intelligent PDUs fit the bill. Known for superb quality and accuracy, our products are the workhorses of the industry. Designed and engineered to meet all your critical data centre and telecommunication network needs to improve uptime and energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint and costs.

Data Centre customers rely on our products and solutions to:
  • Control and manage power at the rack level with power distribution units for the data center
  • Provide mission-critical data center power information to help reduce downtime
  • Provide analytics to help improve data centre power energy efficiency achieve green initiatives and reduce operating costs
  • Remotely control data center equipment with on/off/reboot capabilities
  • Provide power redundancy in the cabinet, to all of the equipment

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